Hoes Do(n't) Cry with Aly




Have you ever seen someone whack a giant penis shaped piñata while throwback jams play in the background? No? Well I did this weekend at the all girls art show and lit function 'Hoe Tears'.

With art work and clothing by a collection of totally cool girls, and a selection of great djs's, this was certainly one of the dopest events I'd been to in a while. Because I always have to get down to the source, I asked Aly who created the function about why this was everything we needed in the City of Angels.

Describe yourself in three words:

 Crazy/sexy/cool. A little nuts. Either of those would work. 

 Where did the name Hoe Tears come from?

 Honestly when I made the tumblr I was kind of rushing and my favorite Kim K crying meme with 'hoe tears' in parentheses gave me the idea. And it's fitting with the all girl emotional content so I'm really glad I was rushed into choosing that for the name haha. 



How did you come up with the idea to make Hoe Tears an event?

Basically, I was sitting in my friends living room, heartbroken and talking shit saying I could fill a gallery with the screenshots I've collected from a certain guy. That turned into me making a tumblr right then and there for other girls to submit and share stories. Because we all have our friends to confide in but opening it up to girls who don't know each other and can still relate is the point I'm trying to get across with this whole thing; manipulative fuckboy behavior is an epidemic and we're all suffering. Anyways, the tumblr was started to collect screenshots to put up at an event, my friend who I was discussing this with is an amazing artist (Sierra Hood) so I just thought we could use her art and my screenshots and call it a day, but then it completely took off and we turned it into a complete pussy power party and I'm so happy we did.  

Did you find the artists who showcased mostly through knowing them prior or through submissions?

Half and half! My friend who planned it with me Sierra who I mentioned above had the majority of the art and then I reached out to a couple of girls I know who I liked their work and then we opened up submissions for girls to submit their art to us. 


Was there anything in particular that inspired you to make the Tumblr where people could submit their text threads with fuckboys (which I might add were very relatable)?

I was sick of being made to look crazy and like I've had conversations and fell in love with someone inside of my head and I knew I wasn't alone. I wanted girls to share all of their stories; emotional and painful, funny, and just pure fuckery. I love all of the differences but also how every single one could have been me or one of my friends. It was almost therapeutic to know and realize I wasn't the only person having fucked up and absurd text conversations with an asshole I fell in love with and pretty much every other guy that passes through my life. 

How can we best advance feminism in the 21st century?

I think small things like this are amazing to advance feminism. It makes women have a stronger voice and let's people know we're absolutely not going to take shit anymore. We have to support each other emotionally, through our art, businesses, etc and the rest will follow. 

Who’s in your gurl gang (aka who are you obsessed with at the moment)?

 I'm obsessed with literally all of my girl friends. We're all so special and unique but can all fuck it up and reap the benefits of our success together. Every girl I'm friends with is doing such cool shit like owning their own lines, being amazing artists, and multi faceted angels. I'm starting to believe there's nothing that any of us can't do. But also Riri is forever and always the leader of my gurl gang in my head. 

Can we expect more events like this in the future?

Absolutely!! Already thinking about how to make it 1000x better and cooler. This is definitely just the beginning for Hoe Tears. I didn't expect it to take off like this but I'm definitely ready.

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