Flaws and All

As a writer its really exciting to get the opportunity to express your own opinions and ideas without being limited, or having to stay conformed to a certain mold. So when I recently got asked to create a personal piece for a start up magazine you can imagine how liberating this concept was. It was even better when I learned more about this publication and their message of self love and empowerment. Considering how refreshing this thoughtfulness is in a world full of plastic and photoshop, I dug deeper into how Flaws got its start by asking Editor in Chief Kyla Spencer a few questions. Read below and check out my features tab for a link to my article!

What inspired you to start this magazine? Just generally the lack of realism in magazines and media or a specific event?

For me growing up I never felt a desire to look like girls in magazines because I knew my beauty was completely different from theirs. I also think that my friends in high school were a huge key factor in the way I looked at beauty. Many of my friends never cared about makeup- damn they didn't care about what they wore, they cared about their sports and friends. It truly gave me a different outlook on female beauty and empowerment. Beauty shouldn't be defined by this ideal shown in advertising, but rather the beauty of how we are as people and our actions. It sounds cliche but their isn't anything more beautiful in this world then not defining yourself by your flaws but rather embracing them. So I came up with Flaws with every intention to help shape the future of publications- I don't want to be a stepping stone in change, I want to start the revolution.

Flaw’s motto is “Changing the perception of perfection,” is perfection a real thing?

We find perfection to be interesting because each person will have their own idea of what "perfect" is. Perfection is this ever evolving idea, evidence has shown that what the times show as beauty changes not just decade to decade, but also country to country. I always found that interesting because how can a single publication tell me that my hair will look flawless if I do those 10 steps? It sets my expectations high, and when my hair doesn't turn out how they tell me it will I am irritated how we can throw words like flawless around like it is nothing. Don't get my wrong, I will still song Beyonce's flawless song, but Flaws wants to change what perfection means. Who knows, maybe the dictionary will change it in the future?

Artwork by: https://instagram.com/ommmrose/

With today’s society being deeply routed in appearance, with everything from the selfie stick to the obsession with Kylie Jenner, how do you think girls can avoid the trap of self-scrutiny?

 Even though I see Flaws as being the change in the fashion industry for self acceptance and peer acceptance, we as humans will always naturally be creatures of habit. We will always have a hard time with dealing with the way we look, hell even the way we act. That it can often seem near impossible to block out the words of others- especially when those words at the moment seem like the most important thing in the world. I think this "trap" isn't just about yourself but also the way in which we treat others. If we can find it easier to accept people for their Flaws, then we can only hope others will do the same. It is like cause and effect- so I guess my point is is to realize that if we can look at ourselves and be able to understand our Flaws our apart of our character and that our character is special, others will notice and get trapped in our self-love.

Who are some millenials who you personally appreciate for their genuine character (be that in fashion, music, or art)?

Amandla Stenberg, while I may not fully agree with her position on things, she isn't afraid to speak out. I find it fascinating that even though she is a teenager she isn't afraid to speak out against the pack. That to me is a good leader for the millennials- because she can show that opinions are valid if you are just brave enough to speak out against it.

If you could pick anyone to be on the cover of your magazine right now, who would it be and why?

I honestly don't think I can answer that question because who I would choose to be on the cover has to not only be right for our vision, but also for the concept of that current issue. And Khalifa (Creative Director Khalifa Flowers) and I haven't figured out what the next issues "theme" if you will will be. I hate when a publication just throws someone on the cover because they have a movie coming out that month but then you will hear nothing about that person because they were just in the moment. I want people on the Flaws cover eventually that have a strong message to share with the world, they can't just be the face, because at the end of the day we should remember them by their impact on the world.

What do you think about the phenomenon of social media as a millennial (just right or over load)?

Regardless if people want to admit it or not, social media is able to accomplish many issues on things on such a grander scale. Companies are able to essentially have "free advertisement" to get their products out there, and their name more known to a younger audience. A younger audience who has great buying power. I am nineteen years old and when I see on my Instagram a celebrity that I follow post about a product and tag them- I click on the company. I do it because I am curious with what product they are selling and the fact that I go to their Instagram says a lot for what the future already has in store for consumers.

Describe a perfect day in Los Angeles:

Well my version of a perfect day (since every single one of us will have a different answer) is to sleep in and begin watching a TV show to get my morning off to a good start. More then likely I will probably have something funny like Dance Moms to make me realize how blessed I am to not have Abbi Miller yelling at me haha. Oddly enough shows like that inspire me to do more. Then hunger begins to take over me and when this happens, everything else in the world is at a stand still. So I go on Yelp and literally will find a random place once in a while, or grab Jack-in-the-box. Yes, that is quite unhealthy of me, but I love that place. Then I just work on the magazine and do research and hang out with my friends. I am young and I still want to be young and have fun experiences.

What can we expect in the future from Flaws?

My only wish I have for Flaws is for it to reach an entirely new audience of people that would've never imagined a magazine like it. I find it essential to in the success of Flaws for it to not only look visually appealing, but for it to have a strong voice. Like I said in my first Editor's letter, "I can't promise that we will get it right right away, but we will try our very best."

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