Atlanta's Next Up with Gunner Stahl

photo by pizza slime

photo by pizza slime

We all know Atlanta has (and continues to be) a major player in the current hop hop scene, with a multitude of rappers and producers out of the city leaving their mark on the global industry. But not only are there artists bringing the city's culture into the mainstream, there's also those capturing this phenomenon.

Gunner Stahl is one of the photographers giving us a look into a world we otherwise wouldn't be able to. With a portfolio of subjects from Metro Boomin, Young Thug, and the West Coasts's Kendrick Lamar, you could say he's doing big things. Read the quick interview below to get a little more than just the visuals.

In your own words, who are you?

Hi. I'm Gunner. I take cool pictures of people I like. I love Broad City & Girls

What do you think is the key to capturing an artist, whether it be a musician or a style icon of the moment, how do you get their personality to show through just one image?

The key is to get them as they are. Never plan anything. It will hurt the photo. Try to show them you have a personality as well.

What was it like having shot for Fader and having it be an artist from the same place you’re from?

 It was amazing. Metro’s a friend of mine so I was happy I got the opportunity to shoot it with him.

In your opinion, who’s the next big thing we’re going to be seeing come out of Atlanta?

21 Savage. Playboi Carti & of course Lil Yachty.

Is photography the main art form you’re pursuing right now or do you do anything else in your free time that could be considered creative?

No I wish. I’m so one dimensional. Im just good at taking pictures :(

Has there been a specific photo that you’ve taken this year that you consider your favorite visually or even just as a memory?

Mmmm probably the picture of Tyler The Creator’s chains. I didn't want a portraits once I saw his chains. Felt like that would be a better pictures.

As someone who’s young I often question what I’m going to be doing when I’m say 40 just because I change my mind about a million times a day, where do you hope to see yourself in the future either personally or as a ‘brand’?

I want to become a teacher. I’m going back to school next year to get my degree.

Finally, if you could say anything to young people out there feeling stuck and like they’re not going to be the ones to make it in the industry what would be your #1 advice?

Be yourself. People attract faster to personality.


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