Defining Jirawadi.

Jirawadi says she's an 'earth based photographer' but she could really be from another world. Capturing girls as goddesses of sorts, she realizes the power of imagery without ever making it seem forced. Coming from Florida (where Franklin is also from) she utilizes the surrounding environment and diverse population to create photos that feel much of the time. Here's a little bit more:

Describe yourself in one sentence (think Tinder but also 100% not like Tinder):

Oh man, I don't know how to answer questions like these. If I could phone-a-friend I would.

 I like how you focus on details in your photography, from the subtle poses of hands, to color coordinated outfits in a girl gang, do you have this in mind when you take photos or are you looking at the bigger picture (maybe the feeling in an image)?

Thank you, I'm thinking I like the idea of several well-composed parts coming together into a scene or a photo to form a perfect and balanced "unity" 

 I think its hard to delve deeper into thought with the distractions we face in modern times, how do you stay connected to yourself spiritually?

 You have to form a habit of reminding yourself to return to Self. Everything comes smoothly after that, everything just comes to you naturally, it's really crazy and it feels like jazz music.

It’s also no secret that even in 2016 its not easy being a girl (or I guess a woman), have you learned anything over the years that you’d perhaps pass along to the younger generation?

You aren't defined by anyone but yourself and that is your power.

Finally, what’s one thing you hope to accomplish while continuing your photography?

I want to travel the world, manifest my destiny, work in fashion, be the head of a charity organization, feed my family, and own homes in several countries.

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