Not So Basic with Basics Co.

Valentine's Day is almost upon us. And even though this holiday is almost certainly a scheme by marketers to get extra revenue in the chocolate, jewelry, and slightly trashy lingerie categories, I still enjoy it. What's not to love about a holiday thats literally about love? Luckily, even if you're #singleaf, February has its perks...  

Basics Co. is launching their Valentine's Day capsule collection on February 6th, meaning you have a few more days to not order Grub Hub and to save up some cash. And in case you don't yet know this brand out of Seattle, I have you covered below: 

Dad hat on @FreshestPilot & @kyefromthe6

Dad hat on @FreshestPilot & @kyefromthe6

How did the name Basics Co. come about, and how did the label get started?

I came up with name "Basics" based off emotion really. I was tired of seeing all these fake high fashions brands I just wanted to create something back to the basics, like the 80's-90s when all the clothes were simple but so dope. 

What’s your ultimate goal for the label and for yourself? Perhaps what you want to offer or who you would want to be wearing it.

My goal for the moment I can say is just to expand as much as I can with the brand. I just want to offer good quality timeless merchandise. I don't really care who wears it as long as girls do. 

Where did you get the inspiration for the logo “dad hat”?

I was just started playing with fonts on my computer really. I like vintage clothes so I tried to pick a font that wasn't too extra, the pin drop came from me always having to use it lately. From the brand perspective it really represents "it's not where you're at its where you're going." I want this brand to be everywhere forever.

Since it is such a huge industry right now, what current street-wear labels do you personally look up to style wise?

I got my own style so I can't say I really look up to anyone but I do admire the Carrots brand by Anwar Carrots . My bro Uwila  & Teezy got their brands they're releasing in 2016 and everything they do motivates me just to be more creative with my pieces I make. 

Does Seattle have a specific look that people gravitate towards, or would you say its more unified with the rest of the world because of the internet?

Seattle fashion is unique to me. Obviously we have a lot of hypebeast (what city doesn't) but I think a lot of people got their own sense of style. A lot of the people I be around, including myself, get inspired by things they see and do something completely different upon how they seen it first.

And finally, what other pieces can we look forward to in 2016?

I'm gonna drop a hoodie soon but besides that I like do things spur of the moment so expect the unexpected.

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