Warning Graphic Content!

We all love graphic content. Whether its extreme violence in films (like the infamous Tarantino) or your favorite adult starlet's Instagram feed, we devour it fully. So its only natural that our love for all things we're not supposed to be into makes it way into fashion. Graphic Content is a new LA based clothing line integrating unique graphics into streetwear attire. Created by friends Austin Hunkins and Justin Gonzalez the brand just dropped their first collection appropriately named "Therapy Session 1." Keep reading on what inspired Graphic Content and how I styled one of their pieces! 

Who are you (pretty much give us your Tinder bio without the scamming)?

A: My name is Austin Hunkins I'm a graphic designer living in downtown Los Angeles. I'm currently attending FIDM as well as working as a freelance designer.

J: My name is Justin Gonzalez and I'm a graphic designer from LA

Justin & Austin (shot by yours truly)

Justin & Austin (shot by yours truly)

 Where does the name Graphic Content come from?

A: The name Graphic Content took my best friend Justin & I a year to come up with. We went through more than you can think of before we were satisfied. Well first off we are both graphic designers and have stockpiles of graphics we bounce off each other. Also for some fucked up reason we both love actual graphic content. Like if I’m watching a video and it has that warning in the beginning I already know I’m going to like it, so it just made sense the moment we said it out loud as a name.

J: We both make graphics and we both like dark shit. The name just fit perfectly when we came up with it.

A quick look featuring one of the GC tees! Shot by https://www.instagram.com/austinhunkins/

A quick look featuring one of the GC tees! Shot by https://www.instagram.com/austinhunkins/


-What was the inspiration behind “Therapy Session 1”?

A: Our inner evils. really a lot of the graphics we make have a deep picture but even deeper ideas within the statements, a lot of it coming from my real life or situations I've witnessed.

J: We just wanted to express the inner anxieties and stress that we all have deep down somewhere. Therapy Session 1 represents that.

Do you think the internet is a great source for creativity or is there too much saturation of content (for example graphic designers/rappers etc)?

A: The internet is a great source for inspiration; everything can be improved. Everything is recycled these days but as long as you can add your own direction and creativity then it is original. I think where people lack is the digging and searching on the internet to find the less recycled things to inspire you.

J: There is no better resource than the internet. Yes, there is a lot of saturated content out there but if you stay in your lane and stick to what is true to your identity then people will begin to recognize your work as genuine as opposed to forced.

-What’s the best of the 7 deadly sins?

 A: Sex sells. So I'd have to say lust.

J: Envy ;-)


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