Sunday Sounds: Internet Weird Boys


Write that down in your note pad, or i-Phone 6, or as Graffiti while coasting on your hoverboard.

When I'm telling you Brockhampton is the most creative sonical boy band to emerge this year I mean this 110%. This is no One Direction, this is no 1975. This is a mish mosh of music that will leave you confused, albeit very satisfied. Brockhampton is fully aware of the crazy territory that is the internet, and their ability to stay true to themselves while catering to a crowd that eats up Fetty Wap's and Young Thug's trap melodies for breakfast is impressive. With the addition of an accompanying visual for their latest track Dirt (directed by Tyler Mitchell) released through V-Files, Brockhampton proves their ability to entertain. Even as the lyrics of Dirt mention the likes of the A$AP Mob, its clear that theres something maybe even more genuine about this group. Gold chains and thousand dollar sneakers are traded for GirlPower sweatshirts and windbreakers. If this isn't what music in 2015 should be I don't know.