#NewNew: The Rap Game & Cuffing Season with Justin Rose

You tend to meet quite a few people going out in Los Angeles. However with all the small talk that you're obliged to participate in, you sadly forget most of the individuals you come across. But after running into artist Justin Rose at a 424 Fairfax event earlier this year, I've kept up with his antics and haven't been disappointed. With a killer track named She Movin' released a few months ago, and a song featuring Playboi Carti getting hype on the internet, this is definitely a rapper to keep on your radar.

Heres a little bit of the New York state of mind.

What burough of New York are you from? 


Are there any non-written rules of the city one has to know?  

Cuff someone with central heating by October.

Do you believe where you’re from still influences your musical sound even with the major use of the internet and social media? 

(I'm from queens). I've lived in Brooklyn and Queens most my life but this summer I moved to the Bronx. The Bronx in the summer has certain energy about it that I like to make music in, probably the abundance of Spanish women.

In addition to the classics of course, who are some new players killing the NY rap game right now? 

Junglepussy's killin it. Amir Obe is wavy. Joey Badass is still moving strong. I'm in it now so its lit.
Justin x Toronto rapper Tory Lanez

What spots do you frequent on a regular basis?

The Bodega, Crown Fried Chicken, the 4 train

Finally, the age old question, is the East Coast truly the beast coast? 
I mean I've never called it the beast coast before but uh, New York is always lit.

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