"Siren with the sad song"



Lana del Rey is my current top obsession, and since her style is as lovely as her voice I've been wanting to make one of her flower crowns for a long time. Well this weekend I finally made it to the craft store and picked up a few items to make this "Queen of Coney Island" accessory. Here are a few pictures to show you the steps to make this flower power headband:

1. Buy Materials
- Headband
- Flowers
- Super Glue
- Scissors

2. Cut off stems of flowers, and leave only a flat surface                                                                                               

3. Add dollop of super glue to center of flower, and press on to headband( hold for about 10 seconds)

  4. Continue until you have a little bit of visible headband on each side. Let dry for at least 30 minutes.

Viola! You are done! Now draw on your cat eye, pout, and attract gorgeous rich men who you will "love till the end of time"....