"Blue jeans, white shirt"

Bought some new jeans yesterday (just dark wash ones from Target) because my other ones were too loose. I also need some in case I have any castings I need to go to (I really hope I have at least one this summer because I'm getting a tad impatient). But I really shouldn't wear them anymore this week because I most probably have another test shoot during the first weekend of August. I also need to decide what outfits I should pick for that, any suggestions for what styles suit me? 

Here's a close-up of the top part of my outfit. I layered my sheer collared shirt from Nordstrom's with my floral crop top from Gina Tricot. Please ignore the fact that the lighting is quite horrid and my chest    
looks bony! 

Anyways, I might do a "model bag" post next week explaining what is suggested to bring to castings and such, but in general what would you like to see? I don't have much planned for next week but I'm probably going to take some polaroid style pictures for the TCM Models & Talent (my agency) website, but I'll keep you all posted!