"High heels in her hand, swaying in the wind"

Dress: Monki, Necklace: Lindex, Bag: Forever 21, Shoes: DSW

I've been yearning after a metallic collar necklace after seeing them everywhere in Finland (like literally every store) and so I thought it would go perfectly with this new mint lace dress I got from Monki. The result is a perfect combo of chic and Pikku Myy. The bun also added a whimsical touch in my opinion (yet was also functional because I should probably brush my hair more)! I'm leaving to go back to Seattle in two days and I'll miss everyone here a ton! But when I get back to Seattle I'm going to do another test shoot for my portfolio and I'm going to a Marina & the Diamonds concert so I'm quite excited about that!The only problem I have now is how I'm going to fit all my stuff in my suitcase..oh lord.