In the Valley of the Dolls

So last night was overall wonderful because I went to the Marina & The Diamonds concert with my oh so adorable friend Kaitlin. Marina was both extremely vocally talented and seemed like such a fun genuine person. Not to mention, she looked beautiful and wore a few different ensembles which I would like to steal from her (including a matching crop top and high waisted skirt). It was also entertaining to people watch all the people going to this concert because there were some fascinating characters.  Most notably a young man who quoted, "My friend smoked weed with Lana del Rey", don't know if this is true but it would make for a pretty cool story. Anyways, here are some pictures from my outfit/makeup (plus the event) and I hope to see Marina again!
*Plus, my ears stopped ringing this morning (I was standing by the extremely large speakers), so I am happy my ears were not completely damaged for life!

How cute!! Plus there's a grand example of the lovely audience in the background ;) Gold shirts ftw

Got a shirt :)
I have a feeling  I'm going to have an obsession with matching crop tops and high waisted skirts this summer!
Loved the pink lights and her pink poodle named Marilyn!