Little Miss Sunshine

Crop top: Gina Tricot, Shorts: H&M, Flower crown: D.I.Y

Yesterday Emma and I headed to Helsinki to have a picnic and look at some vintage shops. Though we did not find the vintage shops we were supposed to go to we did go to UFF (which is a thrift store in Finland). We tried on hugely puffy 80's dresses and humongous wedding dresses. Totally fun and I could so look at all the crazy clothes in these kinds of places for hours! For our picnic we had some gourmet items from Stockman's (sort of like the Nordstroms of Finland, but with food) and it was all surprisingly healthy! We then sat in the park and did some people watching which is always super fun and interesting. It was a lovely day and the weather was warm and sunny! For my outfit I wore my new floral crop-top, high waisted shorts, and flower crown :) Here's some more  pictures:

Nothing like wearing a dress that can barely fit in the dressing room!

Hilarious 1970's wedding gown...reminds me of conservative religious folks...
Picnic time!
We're pretty cool...