Challenge: Model Bootcamp

So, I recently picked up an issue of Glamour and noticed this article ("The Supermodel Workout") on what workout moves Victoria's Secret models do, obviously those ladies look fantastic so I decided to create a challenge for myself starting tomorrow! I plan on doing cardio 3-4 times a week plus these moves (shown in the article) 3-4 times in the week ( I will include details below). I will also follow a healthy eating plan (explained below). I hope you join me on this challenge and we shall look as fabulous as those "angels"! I must admit I am quite a lazy person and this will not be an easy feat for me, but its worth it! Especially because I ate at least 5 brownie pieces this weekend...not a good idea!

Cardio: M,T,T,SA
Moves: M,W,F,SU

Monday: 30 minutes jogging (I do it outside) + moves
Tuesday: kickboxing (or other cardio)
Wednesday: moves
Thursday: kickboxing (or other cardio)
Friday: moves
Saturday: Pilate's (or other cardio) I'll probably do a On-Demand video
Sunday: moves

Healthy Eating Plan:
What not to eat/avoid: Foods with added sugar (check label), white carb's (not whole wheat etc.), dairy (bad for skin), bread

Good Foods: Lean protein (chicken, turkey, eggs), fruits& vegetables, brown rice, Ezekiel bread (no flour)

All in all: Its fairly simple, just avoid unhealthy foods and eat enough protein so that you stay full, its best to eat every three hours and not constantly snack. But definitely don't skip meals (such as breakfast)! Oh I must also say that for me personally its best just to avoid "bad foods" altogether because if I start to eat something I cant stop. However I would say desert ones a week isn't a bad idea, this way you wont go crazy!