Bumbershoot: Oblivious security guards & short shorts

Hoards of careless teenagers, women dressed as sparkly elves in bikinis and fried Snickers bars can only mean one thing; Bumbershoot! Yes, yesterday I visited this classic Seattle music festival with some of my friends (and sadly a parental watchdog, which was really not necessary, I must admit it was not one of my parents either) and it was quite an interesting experience! I must tell you though, I have visited Bumbershoot before (back in 2009 to see Katy Perry) but this time was a tad different. For one, last time I did not notice how like 30% of the visitors were smoking marijuana, this wouldn't be as bad if they just did it outside but when you are inside an arena it is not the most pleasant experience especially when they are like 3 feet away from you and the smoke blows in your direction! So I'm not sure if I found it slightly hard to balance at the Keane concert later because I was tired or if it was effects from second hand smoke :p. But, anyways, the acts we saw were drumroll please...Big Sean (my pick), Keane (my friends obsessed with them) and the most hilarious of all; Tony Bennett (not  my pic, obviously) Oh plus Mac Millers last song. The acts performed their singles quite smoothly and were not horrible live (thank god)! Next year I'm going by my own means because its annoying to have a guardian who doesn't really appreciate rap music...plus I need a friend who appreciates that kind of  music like me! Rap music is not meant to be taken super seriously, the lyrics obviously aren't the best example for living but I love the beats and how rapping is really like musical poetry. So even though my eyes were somewhat red from the annoying potheads when I came home and the whole place smelled terrible it was still a great way to end the summer! Next year I'm hoping for Lil Wayne and Lana del Rey ;)

My outfit:

Cant really see my varsity jacket in this but I thought it was appropriately hip-hop'ish..

Pictures from the festival:
Bling Bling and nice arms <3

My camera decided to use effects all on its own...
Eating Ben & Jerry's in the park :)
Mob of sitting teenagers before Big Sean came on.