OOTD: Blue Jeans + Polka Dots

Top: Forever 21, Jeans: Celebrity Pink @ Macy's, Shoes: DSW, Purse: Urban Outfitters

Here's what I wore last night to go have dinner with my parents..just a simple outfit with blue jeans and   a sheer polka dot top that reminds me of Stella McCartney a few seasons ago. And if we're on the subject of that dinner, oh.my.god. I had a "Huckleberry Slump" and it was so delicious I will just have to return one day to eat it again! But I digress, tonight's my first fashion show ever and so I am mildly freaking out over not tripping on the runway and changing fast enough. But I guess only time will tell how that works out. I will try to snap some pictures backstage but I don't know if we are allowed to so..can't promise. But you will definitely hear from me Monday!