Be careful what you wish for...

As we all know, next Thursday is Thanksgiving, a holiday meant for eating giant amounts of food  and umm eating more food. Well, after Thanksgiving the holiday season quickly approaches us and we all sigh in unison as we try to think of clever gifts to give to our dear friends and family. And so I decided to post a list of what I would like to receive this year so you guys can buy me it...ok...I'm kidding, though I wouldn't complain! But I think these items all have something unique about them and would be used on many occasions (unlike the sparkly platform boots I wished for last year, and received). Feel free to steal items from my wish list onto your own and if you find any amazing articles while online browsing, don't hesitate to tell me!

1. Light pink circle sunglasses: $39.99 at

2. Beige shearling jacket: $178.00 at

3. Houndstooth zip pant: $128.00 at

4. Houndstooth blazer: $88.00 at

5. "Ain't no wifey tank": $36.00 at