Unicorns & hipsters

This past week has been quite fun and unusually exciting for a normal school week, to start off, on Monday I went to see the queen of performance; Lady Gaga! To be honest I am not a huge fan of Lady Gaga but I do think her latest album was fairly good and of course who wouldn't want to see her crazy outfits and set? Well, she definitely did not disappoint! She started off the evening by arriving on a mechanical unicorn and kept the energy up throughout the whole show! Plus, the people watching at this event was amazing, I'm talking even better than all the hipsters with mustaches on Capitol Hill! Yeah, that good. Though on Tuesday it was pretty hard to stay awake after only 4 hours of sleep....I don't recommend it. Then to finish off the week yesterday I went to Capitol Hill with my mom to check out my favorite thrift shops and I found an amazing 1940's cocktail dress which was only 24 dollars (not too cheap for a vintage item, but still). I also acquired a adorable "Pug Life" tank top and a crocheted dress. I shall attach some photos below so you may get a a visual, hope you all had a great week as well! Oh, don't forget to follow me on Lookbook (http://lookbook.nu/user/478765-Seidi-H) and Instagram (username: seidih).
I mean its a pug with a Tupac bandanna. 'Nouf said. Plus I finally have a non leaked version of Asaps album :)

Really excited for the warm weather so I can use this crotchet dress as a bikini cover up!

Outside the Tacoma Dome in our fluffy winter wear...

 Best way to arrive to venue? By unicorn of course!

 Lady Gaga werking the runway.
I love large amounts of people, maybe I should move to Tokyo or something.