This weekend my mom and I took the Amtrak train from Seattle to Vancouver for a quick two day trip. We didn't really have anything planned and mostly just walked around, looking at the city and eating as much delicious food as possible. I especially enjoyed the Chinatown in Vancouver because it feels super authentic and actually like you are outside of North America (especially because we saw items like dried geckos and sea cucumbers in the food shops). Not to mention, the 55 cent custard buns from one of the restaurants were absolutely worth their monetary value, so delicious! We also happened to be in the area on Sunday where their was a Chinese new years parade happening and so it was a great people watching occasion. Overall, I think Vancouver is a great city and I would definitely recommend that you visit it at least once. Now that I'm back home in the suburbs I'm having a bit of a metropolitan withdrawal and am planning my escape into a city once I move out. I just feel a lot happier in a place with lots of things to see and diverse people and happenings..but for now here are some photos from my weekend voyage:

Ootd from Sunday, looking a tad hobo'ish because of my "light packing"..though mind you I looked legitimately homeless on the way to the train station because I was wearing a backpack and carrying two shopping bags.

An old building in Chinatown with people peering down at the parade, I especially like the man in the window because I wasn't purposely trying to capture him on camera.

Eating delicious Malaysian/Cambodian food on Saturday, and you can kind of see the top part of my outfit (I was also wearing my vsvp snapback, but took it off inside). My snapback actually got three approvals from random strangers so that made me quite happy. Long.Live.A$AP ;)

One of the many markets which feature an abundant selection of dried foods, tea and spices.

Obviously this isn't the best picture but we found the most amazing vintage shop on Robson street, I bought a few items which I will try to blog about this week in a separate post.

I think I gained 5 pounds this weekend.