"Walked a mile in these Louboutins"

"Work, work, work ,work, werrrkiiinnggg on my shh..". No this is not another Iggy Azalea appreciation post. This is about me "working" myself this week for an upcoming casting. Next week I have a casting for NEXT Model management (for the NY "branch") and I really want to impress the scouts. And how am I preparing for this? Not by practicing my smize but by eating extremely clean. I'm talking no carbs people. No carbs or sugar. And no eating after dinner! This may seem easy enough but I'm telling you, I think I was addicted to sprouted grain toast. And munching on cashews after school...So I'm currently on day 4 of the "Beyond Diet" regime and although I've lost a small amount of weight, it has not been an easy time... Though I have gone to bed earlier because I've been somewhat hungry so I guess that's a positive. Overall, I don't really know what the point of this post was except if your looking for a diet where you don't have to count calories (because that sucks) I would suggest the Beyond Diet because its about eating healthy and not just eating a small amount of food. And of course in addition to a healthy diet you have to exercise at least a few times a week for optimal results! So anywho, I'm also getting my highlights touched up today so I will be nicely blonde ;) I will tell you about how the casting goes later next week (hopefully well or otherwise that post might be a tad depressing)!

Some of the models at NEXT:
1. Fellow Finn Suvi Koponen

2. Platinum blonde Abbey Lee Kershaw

3. Doll-like Imogen Morris Clarke