Worldwide. Propaganda.

I have found perhaps the most quotable movie known to mankind thus far, "They Live". With completely ridiculous lines such as "I have come here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I'm out of bubblegum" and  "You know, your head looks like you fell in cheese dip back in 1957" this is one movie you cannot miss for the sake of pop culture. And though it may sound completely B class humor it's actually got quite a good baseline of a story. To sum it up quickly, a man finds a pair of "magical" sunglasses which cause him to see all the "propaganda" the government is imposing on the people through advertisements in magazines and television. And if you're like me and follow street style brands, you will be interested to learn that the brand OBEY actually originated from this cult classic. If you watch the film you will notice that the word Obey is seen quite frequently on sides of  buildings and magazine covers in the now well known brand font. Upon googling this to make sure (noticed the very familiar logo while watching it) I researched a bit more about the OBEY brand itself and I think they have a rather interesting "brand message". They describe their company by the phrase "the medium is the message" on their website, as their whole line of items is based on selling a message which people don't actually have a clue about its meaning. I would say its basically a parody of sorts of the modern world and how people will believe anything. Of course its hypocritical to buy a product which is basically selling advertising itself but I kind of think that's what makes it ironically great. So, if your wondering what to do this weekend I would say watch this film because its like nothing you've seen before (good or bad) and has an interesting connection to the "material world".

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