Off to the Races

Skirt: Bobeau. Blouse: Forever 21. Bandeau: Talula.
As I looked over these pictures of tonight's outfit I realized this combo of a sheer polka dotted blouse and kaleidoscope pencil skirt would be perfect mix for a semi formal Hollywood event, probably because I got sidetracked into thinking these photos looked Terry Richardson/Lana del Rey'esque due to their unpurposeful use of flash. But lets continue dreaming, I'm thinking retro cocktails and  5 star hors d'oeuvres in Chateau Marmont's candle lit outdoor patio. Lindsay Lohan might just sneak in at 1 am while the latest "town" gossip floats from the red painted lips of today's paparazzi favorites....But alas, I'm sadly still in the suburbs and only dreaming of "it girl" Los Angeles escapades (made quite obvious by the fact that I'm standing in the bushes). Instead this outfit made its debut at a Mexican restaurant in the almost city of Issaquah, WA. Definitely not LA, but it will have to do for now....a girl can dream.