Tribal Intuition

Yesterday instead of lounging around and being unproductive (as I usually am on Saturdays) I went to a fashion merchandising cycles class at the New York Fashion Academy in Ballard. During this class I learned quite a bit of valuable info ( it was 5 hours long after all) but the bit that stood out to me as most interesting was that the fashion industry is beginning to invest money and time into Africa as the next fashion hub (because it doesn't really have any established brands in a mass quantity). I found this interest unexpected because of all the political drama and  poverty in the region but definitely exciting and something I look forward to following in the future! So I think now is a perfect time to do a little post about how to incorporate African inspired pieces into your wardrobe while still being true to your own personal style, here are a few examples that I have sourced from the world wide web:

1. The printed suit
While not a look for the faint of heart, a matching top and pants show you don't take fashion too seriously and that getting dressed is something you actually enjoy doing! I really love Solanges style and here she shows us how to wear a African printed suit perfectly.

2. The head-wrap
If you don't feel quite comfortable going full on printed, a head wrap/scarf is a perfect way to add a little bit of tribal print into your outfit while style looking modern. This look works best with either hair up in a slouchy top knot or wild and untamed in waves or curls.

3. The tribal print collared shirt
Because both men and women can pull off collared shirts this item is most definitely unisex. This item can also be styled in many different ways to suit personal tastes. A collared shirt with high-waisted shorts and chunky heels has a hipster vibe, while men can wear these shirts over a v-neck and gold chain to work the modern street look.

Picture Sources:
Solange Knowles
Head wrap