Neon lights & tiger cubs

I'm a sucker for glitter. And feathers. And anything involving showgirls and dramatic plot twists (especially with explosions). That's why I was super excited to watch Iggy Azaleas new "Change your life" music video after hearing and seeing all about it on twitter and Instagram. The video features Iggy wearing a variety of amazing costumes (all very sexy) in a hodge podge of settings, including a glamorous poolside, a Vegas showgirl club, on top of a building and in a cop car. I think Iggy managed to do sexy right in this video because unlike (ahem) a certain infamous pop star of the moment she didn't have to resort to sticking her tongue out and going absolutely crazy to get our attention. Obviously, not everyone may like this video because it does show a lot of skin and whatnot (feminists might say that's "selling" to the gender inequality machine) but I honestly think Iggy looks amazing and is just owning her aura of self empowerment. But regardless of any controversy that may arise, I'm a huge fan and am certainly inspired by all the looks in this video! I may even add some sparkle to my eyeliner this week..

Video link: