This red skirt spent quite a few months untouched in my jumble of a closet. Well, to be honest, probably a few years. But last week I suddenly  had the urge to wear this vintage woolen gem. I don't know if it's the drop in temperature, or the fact that I'm in my last year of high school, but I once again have a fond appreciation for things not of this decade. Maybe its a sort of  unpersonal nostalgia. Or maybe just that my older articles are more suited for the slightly chilly October weather. But regardless, last night I once more decided to wear this school girl esque skirt (from Red Light Vintage on Capitol Hill) but gave it a bit more of an edgy vibe by pairing it with leather sleeves and some black eyeliner. Perfectly suited to go to the night time showing of the new Carrie movie. Modest with a little something more sinister.