Electrick Children

There's something about skater boys. Could it be their nonchalant tousled hair, or affinity for the latest board designs? Or their almost family like bond with their fellow skatepark friends? Whatever it is, I love it. Though not all the boys in Electrick Children may be the next "skinny street kid turned male model"appearance wise, there's definitely something about adolescent boys spending hours at the skate park like little kids ,"wasting" away their day doing something they clearly love, that I can't get over.

I watched Electrick Children on instant Netflix a few days ago and I have to put it down as one of my new favorite films. If a combination of high school road trip movie, good girl gone (maybe) bad plot, and neon Vegas light display sound like anything you'd be into, I highly suggest you cozy up in to your bed and take a movie break. 

And if I tell you there's a beautiful red vintage Mustang and sneaking into a pool at night would that further convince you?