"Juke Juke"- Chance the Rapper

What's cooler than leather jogging pants?
That's right, nothing.
Ever since I paired leather jogging pants with a cropped hoodie at the photo shoot I got to style (see previous post), I have been yearning for a pair to call my own. My lederhosen dream was finally realized this Thursday when I snatched this Urban Outfitters pair for $9.99. Yes, quite a catch if I do say so myself (oh nothing like the Urban clearance racks). I'm definitely feeling the 80's/90's teen queen vibes right now (especially wearing my dads old denim shirt). So quick, someone please take me out to grab a milkshake at a "cozy" diner !

Oh and as for what you might be looking forward to next week? A snakeskin bucket hat is in your future. But I probably shouldn't have told you that, as you now can't sleep in anticipation.