Style Inspiration: That Awkward Moment

A.K.A: That awkward moment when a mainstream romantic comedy has good style.
Feel free to hate me and tell me I'm just another teenage girl falling for high ranking box office rom-coms (and one with Zac Efron in it nonetheless). But no, this isn't a fangirl post about the guys in the movie (though I have to say Michael B. Jordan is very attractive).This is a post about one of the women. When I first saw Imogen Poots in this flick I was kind of shocked, she didn't really fit the stereotypical role of the damsel in distress (think the all too commonly seen Cameron Diaz or Katherine Heigl), but instead she looked like someone I would want to befriend. Messy blonde hair, eyeliner, and an array of furry jackets. And yes, she's gorgeous which doesn't hurt the matter. All I know is that this movie makes me wants to dress in unkempt layers, wear a denim backpack instead of an actual purse,  rock some dark eyebrows, and act generally cool while roaming the streets. Fine, and a hot guy for Valentines Day would be a  nice addition.

More blonde babes who can rock the "I look like I don't care, but I probably do and am still cooler than you" look

Sky Ferreira circa 2010

Brit Suki Waterhouse

No caption necessary. Perfect.