Town Business

Sorry for the break in posting lately, I've been pretty busy and haven't exactly felt the inspiration to type very strongly. However, in my last post I did mention I was planning on attending the Legacy of Seattle Hip Hop event at the MOHAI, and I did indeed make my way there this Saturday (with one of my best friends as company). First of all, I've never been to this museum before this weekend and I have to say its a really interesting place and definitely somewhere I would like to go again just to learn a bit more about Washington history (in a non boring way). The event itself was also really cool because they had a few different performances, plus a showing of the short documentary 50 Next: Seattle Hip Hop Worldwide, which coincidentally had a few second clip of one of my town favorites Brothers from Another (que fangirl moment). Not to mention, since Seattle photographer Avi Loud helped make the film he was there and answered a few questions the audience had, which I thought was a great way to get everyone involved and not just "attending" (plus I'm just a huge fan of his work in general). So if anything like this is happening in the near future I would highly recommend attending and I would also recommend just visiting the MOHAI in general because they have for example the light up Rainier sign and memorabilia from the 1960's Worlds Fair which I think is pretty sweet!

 Here are some i-phone pictures from the day: