"Im so fancy, can't you taste the gold?"

If you know me at all you know one of my favorite movies is the 90's valley girl flick Clueless. Loads of perfect matching outfits and suitably voluminous, tossed hair is right up my alley! And if you happen to follow me in the virtual world (or are the victim of my lunch time conversations), you would also be aware that one of my favorite artists of the moment (and style icons) is queen of the blondes; Iggy Azalea.

So upon checking the world wide web this morning I was a tad excited to see Ms.Azalea had dropped a new music video, and to my delight it was Clueless themed. To be honest it was more than delight, it was obsession.

Iggy as Cher Horowitz is the greatest thing since I don't know, just the fact that Iggy looks like a Australian supermodel but raps with pretty much no filter. Beauty but a beast...

But back to Fancy. The styling in this music video is obviously amazing and is giving me some inspiration to maybe go to my schools dance as Cher herself (well if I end up asking someone , since it's Tolo). All I know is I would quite enjoy wearing some matching plaid and white knee high socks. Oh, and a feathered pencil as accessory! As if I would forget that.

Must watch: