Personal Picks: yurbuds

When you're as into listening to music as me there's nothing quite as frustrating as ear buds that fall out of your ear. Nothing kills the mood mid song like an abrupt ending to your favorite verse. Especially if you were singing along...

But do not fret, I have found a perfect option for those of us with troublesome ears! I've been using yurbuds for a couple of years now and I have to say they stay in my ear and have really good sound quality (and no I'm not being paid by them, I genuinely feel this way). I almost think they have better sound quality than my actual SkullCandy/Roc Nation headphones and they're way cheaper. Even though you can find ones for less, I do think $30 is a reasonable price to pay for ear buds (especially if you use them everyday like me). So if you're looking for something new to listen to your music with I would definitely recommend these. I purchased mine at Target, but you can also get them at the websites below:

Yurbuds Website


Speaking of music, tomorrow's my 18th birthday and I actually won free tickets to the Avatar Darko show at The Crocodile (through this app called Tixie) and so I'm pretty excited for that! Also hoping to find some chicken & waffles for dinner because when its your birthday you need no excuses for chicken and waffles. This means if you have any knowledge about a solid "breakfast at anytime of day" spot (near downtown Seattle preferably) please leave a comment!