Around The Town: The Sneaker Project

Nordstrom is obviously one of the powerhouses of Pacific Northwest fashion and I was very happy to see they recently did a collaboration with local artists and some of the sneakers they carry on their Mens Shop blog. In a segment entitled Sneakers in Seattle Nordstrom interviewed Thig Nat from The Physics (who I luckily happened to see at The Crocodile a few months back for the Digital Wildlife album release) and Prometheus Brown from the hip hop group Blue Scholars. I think this combination of video (with the actual footwear in various city locations) and then talking to these individuals who truly embody the spirit of Seattle is a fresh way of marketing. Even though its still advertising its not so in your face that you feel uncomfortable but rather just interested to learn more, so I definitely give props to Nordstrom for this idea. More brands and companies should really strive to appeal to their costumers in a way that's not just about selling items, but also making their customers feel like they're being understood (especially the younger generation) because in the end I believe that's more useful for both the seller and the consumer.

Episode 1 of The Sneaker Project

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