Sleepless in the city

Its nearing the end of April and this year that means a lot more than it ever  has. Last week I decided I'm going to attend FIDM in the fall for their merchandise marketing program and will be making the trip to Los Angeles at the beginning of October.

It may sound cheesy or like adolescent ramblings but I can't believe how fast everything has gone. I vividly remember playing at my best friend house in Holland, back when the biggest decision of the day was butterfly hair clips or not. I also remember my 9th grade cruise and awkwardly trying to hold my dress down in the wind.
Maybe we don't really listen to people when they tell us to enjoy every day because time is valuable. Maybe we don't want to hear about the reality of time because we're afraid of feeling regret of things left un-done. Whatever the case may be, you truly don't notice how fast things go until you hit major life "milestones" like going to college.

But even though I might have some apprehensions about living on my own like paying the bills and being afraid of feeling lonely, I haven't been this excited about anything as far as I remember. I absolutely love traveling to new places and meeting new people. Just living day to day life in a different environment.

I'm so lucky that I get the opportunity to study something I truly love and I know its going to be one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. I can't wait to write about everything that's happening, good and bad. Even though I'll no longer be sleepless in suburbia I hope you'll still listen.

Until then,
I can't wait to truly meet Los Angeles.