Because the Internet.

The internet is a strange place. On one hand its an endless source of information brimming with an almost unnecessary amount of facts. Its also a great way to communicate with people you wouldn't normally easily get to talk to.  Yet on the other hand its a black hole of wasted time. Not just wasted time, but frankly wasted experiences. I have a love hate relationship with the internet because I love it on its good days; looking up my favorite songs, reading interesting articles. But when the internet becomes the only thing you're doing that day and you turn into a mindless zombie staring at a screen of pixels, things don't look so great. As guilty as I am of constantly checking my phone and posting almost daily on Instagram, I wish this generation wasn't so obsessed with technology. I wish people would put down their phones and actually look at the world around them, talk to the people next to them. I just feel like there's a sort of disconnect with the real world right now and maybe more time should be spent on listening to what we really feel like, giving our mind some time to breathe. But anyways, regardless of if the internet and other technologies are beneficial or not they are an integrated part of our lives today. I was further reminded of this fact Saturday when I got to see Childish Gambinos Seattle stop on his Deep Web tour. The way that Gambino integrated the virtual world and the participation of his fans into the show was truthfully interesting, as is the general message behind his album. Its refreshing to see somebody talk about something really relevant to the public but in a way that's still fully personal to their artistic vision (if you haven't yet listened to the Because the Internet album I highly recommend you do so as soon as possible). Definitely made me think. And just maybe I'll try to set down my phone a little more tomorrow, who knows what I've been missing.

A clip from the show:

I would also recommend reading the lyric descriptions for the album on Rap Genius (especially for the songs near the end of the record) because you can get more of a feel for what he was going for and the point he was trying to get across: