The sun in my eyes

People always think that to be happy or to feel successful they have to achieve something big. Maybe an award, maybe a milestone event in their lives. But I think the key to real happiness or at least working towards it is learning to appreciate the little moments. Friendships with people you care about, the way the sun glows in an orange warm haze in the evenings, laughing until you cry about stupid inside jokes, and singing all the words to your favorite song at the top of your lungs. Those are the moments that are going to make your life really worthwhile in the end.

I was lucky to have a great Memorial Day weekend and to just take a break from the last stretch of finishing high school. Got to see my women crush Iggy Azalea on Thursday and spent Friday at Folk Life and Alki beach celebrating one of my best friends birthdays with plenty of other lovely people.  A bonfire party on Saturday and then Netflix night on Sunday also topped off a great couple of days. Thanks to everyone who kept me company and I'm hoping summer will bring many more adventures like these.