Long days and longer nights

Summer vacation has officially started and the vibes are alright. Even though I'm lacking in sleep and the days have melded together into one endless stream of places and people, I've had a pretty nice time so far.  And here in the North West a good time often means enjoying the outdoors. From live music in the grass at Seattle Center, to the rows of luminous bonfires at Alki Beach and the never ending rolling green mountains at Rattlesnake, Washington is a pretty nice place to spend the summer. Just for this occasion I have decided to put together a compilation of songs perfect for absorbing the rare few rays of sunshine we get per year. So put your headphones on, lay down on the deck and close your eyes. Everythings just fine.

Side Effects- Dave B 
Vibe: Home alone, sun worshipping in the yard
"Brain slipped away from me"

Florida Kilos- Lana del Rey 
Vibe: Roadtrip, sleeping in dusty motel rooms with 80's floral bedding
"Prison is nothing to me  if you'll be by my side"

American Apparel Girls- Towkio
Vibe: Ice cream cones and window shopping
"Just like us, damn, this is just my luck. I come across her everyday, I fall in love"

Into You- Rainshine feat Campana
Vibe: Midnight, thinking of that someone.
"We just be sleeping so we can dream cause realities make believe"

Time for Love- Calez
Vibe: Windows down in the car, warm evening light
"Damn I love it though when I'm looking at your face"

Hunnid Stax- Ab-Soul feat, ScHoolboy Q
Vibe: Friday night, dance break
"THC through TSA on my back, don't get checked"

Ps. Panorama from todays hike