Q&A with Rain City Clothing Co.

I love getting to know more about local clothing brands and individuals. A while back I asked The Royal Seal (in case you missed it: http://ilovewearingit.blogspot.com/2014/01/the-royal-seal.html) a few questions, and now I'm back with another clothing line; Rain City Clothing Co! Below you will find a few questions answered by its founder, Daycen Schmidtke.

1.What are the origins of this clothing brand (how did it get started)?
We're a skate life brand based out of Redmond Wa. since 2012. I was a semi pro longboarder riding for several clothing brands and when they asked me for rider art my shirts out sold theirs. So I figured why not cut out the middle man?

2. How does the design process work? Are there different designers that work on the items?
 I use art from local artists in exchange for 40 dollars and a shirt of their own design per design. It adds to their portfolios and gains them more jobs and exposure as well. I do some of the designs but mainly do rendering to 300 dpi files and then sizing the graphics to the shirts. Often times with simple designs I do the screen printing myself as well.

3. Where do you guys get inspiration from for the designs?
 Depends on the design and depends on the artist, but mainly downhill skating.

4. What’s next for the Rain City Clothing Co.?
 Zumiez, Evo, Motion Boardshop, SnoCon... go big or go home!

5.What are some other clothing brands or stores that you think are representing Seattle well?
 Casual Industrees, 35th and North skateshop, Imperial Motion, Grit City Grindhouse, DB Longboards, Omen Longboards, Sausage Skateboards, and Motion Boardshop.

6. If you had any advice for someone starting a company/brand what would you tell them?
 People only hate on things they themselves are incapable of doing, so do your thing and do it well because they can suck it.