I try to keep my blog as personal as possible because I believe everything sounds better when you actually put emotion into how you write. Because of this I want to write a little post about someone in the Seattle music community who recently passed away. Even though I didn't personally know Nickolas Cashaw, I was very saddened upon hearing about his death, as I was a big fan of his work and know people who were very close to him. Not to mention, when anyone is preemptively taken from this earth its never a happy occasion.

One of the first times I heard Nicks music was when I saw The Lotus music video, a beautiful song and definitely something to listen to:

Is also one of my favorite tracks of his and has thoughtful lyrics accompanied by a soothing backing track.

Overall, this is yet another sad passing of a young, talented individual, but it should serve as a reminder to live life to the fullest and always tell the people you care about how much you appreciate them. Perhaps take today to send an old fashioned letter to that old friend you used to talk to daily, or call that relative you ended up on bad terms with. The only thing we can do best is to live in the present as well as we can.