Some Type of Way

Pants: See You Monday, Top: Forever 21, Sneakers: Radii

A good outfit makes you feel happy. When you feel like your outfit matches your inner persona its like a little bit of weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Sure, this outfit would be much more appropriate in a city than in the middle of a (very) cookie cutter suburb. But then again, shouldn't one dream? Why shouldn't how you dress be a reflection of who you want to be and where you want to go?

Coincidentally, these new pants were purchased on a whim on the way to a classic Washington hiking adventure (Rattlesnake Ridge) earlier this week, and could possibly be an option for the Capitol Hill Block Party coming up next weekend. But as usual we'll just have to see what end up happening....

Also, be sure to check out the YouTube channel one of my best friends and I recently created, we post videos on Mondays to try to make the beginning of the week a little bit more exciting. Happy Saturday!