Young Seattle

I love Seattle. The beautiful view of the mountains with the sparkling water truly is unmatchable, but what really makes me love this city is the people. Last night I attended Sam Lachows album release party at Alive & Well, and lets just say the majority of the players in the local rap scene were there supporting Sam. Just standing in line before getting in, I spotted Sol (who I saw perform at the Capitol Hill Bock Party last weekend). After telling him in fan girl fashion that "he was really good at the block party" he complemented me on my Stussy bucket hat (which of course made me really happy)! Then when I was near the door I spotted Nacho Picasso and got him to add to the collection of signatures on my Young Seattle hoodie. Following this, I got Dave B (listen to his mixtape School Daze if you haven't yet because its one of my favorite musical compilations of 2014 to add to the collection, even though he kept reminding me "I'm not actually on this hoodie". I just gave him my best sad puppy face until he borrowed Gifted Gabs (who also was nice enough to add to the hoodie) red sharpie to do it. When I was actually inside the store I got to meet Sam Lachow and Ariana Deboo (que the cheesy selfies) and made dj Beeba from Brothers from Another find a pen so I could have one more addition to my menagerie of names. Overall it was really fun getting to see so many people who's music I listen to, and finding out they're actually really nice people and not at all conceited made it even better.

Now for Huckleberry itself. Even though I have no credit to call myself anywhere near a music expert (or even blogger), I would have to say Huckleberry is a very solid album. This is definitely one of those albums that sounds amazing driving in the car with the windows down, but can make you equally introspective (listen to Stolen Bikes).

Some of my favorite songs:
Cadillacs & Videos
Upbeat with a somewhat should I say "groovy" feel to it, ideal for a sunny day in the city or perhaps for house party music

Stolen Bikes
One of the more solemn and serious songs on the album featuring haunting vocals by Ariana DeBoo

Dreams of Gold
Catchy track that you'll probably notice will be stuck in your head for a while, love the production and talking near the end of the song

Banana Goo Pie
What's a Seattle album without a really good stoner track? Listened to this on repeat on the bus a few days back (not a new Sam Lachow track though but still on Huckleberry)

Buy Huckleberry on iTunes or listen to Sam Lachows Sound Cloud for some of the tracks

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