Bucket Hats to Bars: Q & A with FML's Tré Ross

Continuing my summer run of using all of my money on hip hop concerts, I headed to Neumos on Wednesday night to catch the Problem show. But as it often happens the opening acts also peaked my interest. I was impressed by Fine Malt Lyrics (or FML's) ability to instantly get the crowd hyped, and I definitely think they're someone to keep an eye on. Because of this I decided to ask one of their members (and solo artists) Tré Ross a few questions...

How much of an impact do you think personal style has on being a hip hop artist/rapper?
I think it has everything to do with being an artist. The way you look and act not only reflects your personality and style but it's also what can attract certain crowds to you. You gotta look the part.

 Favorite decade fashion wise?
 I'm a 90's baby so naturally I love everything about that era. Wu-Tang clan especially, their swag was too

Pictures from http://instagram.com/ertssor

 What’s your go to place to shop in Seattle?
I love anything Stüssy and The Cool at Southcenter always has the filthiest gear! NW Throwbacks in Cap Hill is always a go to spot for exclusive shit, and I fucks with Alive & Well too. 

 How would you describe FML’s style of music?
 We are a bunch of party animals, we love to have fun and just kick it with friends and do whatever we want. But individually we each have unique styles from abstract to just straight lyricism.

 Is there anyone specific who you think is killing the music scene in Seattle right now?
Most definitely my guy Nacho Picasso! He's being doing big things lately making moves and it just inspires me as an underground cat to keep following my passion. 

 Film or digital cameras?
Both! I love to shoot Polaroids and disposable film cameras but that never beats a digital photo or video, it just depends on my mood or what I feel like doing that day.


Are bucket hats here to stay or on their way out? 
I fuck with bucket hats heavy, it's all about finding the most rare exclusive designs.

What are the best hidden gems in the 206?
Ooh that's a hard one, I don't know really haha I'm fresh 21 I'm still exploring the city myself! But I'd say the Frolik bar on top of the Red Lion, it's a hella sneaky rooftop bar.

Where do you get the most inspiration (both music and clothing wise)?
 Anything different or out there caches my eye. I like to express myself in ways no one else does so anyone doing their one thing inspires.

 Any advice for someone pursuing their future goals?
If you really love it don't ever stop pursuing it. Follow your heart and create your own destiny. 

Now check out the music and get to turning up, it's Friday after all!