VFW Day 1: Behind the Scenes

Fashion Week is perfect people watching. Having to spend the entire day in a contained area means you end up spotting everyone who walks in, and since I love seeing what everyone is wearing, this worked to my advantage. So even though I almost melted from waiting outside in the sun and my stomach was rumbling by showtime, it was perfectly fine because I fan-girled over the fabulous outfits and interesting personalities present.
Mary Ziba of The Real Housewife's of Vancouver who showed her collection of activewear 
Ariana Grande inspired hairstyles

Loved this makeup artists style on the left

Models getting touched up

Chic sequins

To start out the day I attended a fitting starting at 10 am which was quite honestly just sitting outside with all the models for multiple hours and then actually trying on clothes for only about one hour total. This was proceeded by a few walk throughs to practice for the runway and then a bit of waiting until hair and makeup.
Makeup (sponsored by Covergirl)

Papers with the different makeup looks for each designer

Work in progress

The designers I ended up walking for were Nyoluoch and Dawson & Deveraux, the first look being a colorful retro style dress and hat made with fabric from Africa, and the second dress being a Chanel esque tweed number.

Runway schedule of the day

Dress by Nyoluoch

Dress by Dawson & Deveraux

Overall another fashion filled day and something I hope I get to experience again in the future. Maybe in Los Angeles?