Running Home

When the evenings get darker and the weeks begin to melt together its hard to not become a little nostalgic for the days of the past. Adventure feels great and new, but there's something about being back home with all your favorite people that seems just a little cozier. Even if Thanksgiving doesn't mean a plane ticket (or car ride) back for you, there's still time to make sure to tell the people you care about how you really feel.

I've been saving this post for a while as I didn't really know how to word it, but a few weeks ago I received an email in the middle of the night that I sort of fell in love with. Its not even really the content of the email but more the idea of it. I wouldn't consider myself a hopeless romantic or even a crazy dreamer but there's something about the thought of meeting a person and just feeling like its right that's undeniably sweet sounding.

So go ahead, put on your headphones, light your fall candles, get a cup of piping hot tea, and write a letter. You don't have to proclaim your love for a stranger but just let your pencil express what's in your thoughts. Its really only words on paper but its so much realer than mindlessly pressing keys on a glass screen. If being real is a little crazy then shouldn't that be what we all strive for?

And in case you need musical suggestions:

Running Home- Brothers from Another

 Degas Park- Kevin Abstract

A Place Like This- Majid Jordan

Female Energy- Willow Smith