It's a Partay: Cap Hill Style

The Capitol Hill Block Party is a much better party than the majority of  events labeled as such get togethers. Yes, there are still the wasted girls hanging on to each other to avoid falling over, and yes, there are still 20 somethings in bro tanks. But other than the usual trappings of a music festival, this is one party I wouldn't mind going to again. The past weekend was a lovely exploration of music and a prime people watching occasion. 

Day 1: A$AP Ferg
I wasn't originally planning to go see the Trap Lord, but as my friend scored some tickets and couldn't attend herself, I of course jumped at the opportunity to go see just how wild this crowd could get. Although I was a tad disappointed in Fergs performance (I'm really mostly a fan of Work and Shabba) it was still a good time. Though might I add none of the girls Ferg allowed on stage could actually twerk. Very very sad.

Day 2: Sol
One of my favorite Seattle rappers (and yes I'm sure I say that about a ton of artists) is Sol, so you can imagine how excited I was to finally get to see him live. This means I of course forced my friend to get to the front of the stage with me where we sat before the set started and found some free sunglasses on the ground. Talk about winning. Sol also exceeded my expectations in his live renditions and truly looked like he was having the time of his life on stage. Not to mention I was freely able to fan girl over the sight of Avi Loud taking pictures on stage in his white bucket hat (check out his photography: 

Day 3: RAC, Raz Simone & A$AP Rocky
Finally, the day I actually purchased tickets for. First off, lets talk about how this day started. As with anything you wait a long time for, nothing goes exactly as planned. When I woke up on Sunday I felt rather unfortunate and had to go back to sleep after eating some Ezekiel toast (do I get healthy points?). But after lazily lounging in bed and later pre amping with some Jamba Juice (so cool) I finally felt ready to be a basic white girl at a rap concert. But when we finally got to Seattle my friend (ahem Eli talking about you) learned she had forgot to bring her ticket. This resulted in a stressful attempt to find a printer followed by the realization that there is actually a "mobile version". Phew. This of course was before a drugged out individual on a bike tried to have a conversation with us at the bus stop which included him asking us, "Which way do mirrors face?". Welcome to Seattle...

But after all the shenanigans,  the performances on Sundays schedule were really good. Northwest electronic artist (or DJ? I don't know the correct term) RAC started out the evening by  providing some tunes for us to dance to, which sounded quite amazing in the warm sunshine. Then local rapper Raz Simone impressed me with his set which included forming a sitting circle and crouching on peoples arms in the air while rapping. And considering that I found myself in pictures of this online smiling like a 5 year old, I had a good time.

Now to Rocky. As I've been obsessed with this member of the A$AP Mob for a few years now, I fully feel that almost falling over a million times and getting elbowed in the side by random strangers was  fully worth it. I sang along at annoying volume and probably said "omg yassss" when the beat for  Kissing Pink came on. Plus, the PMF looked hot as usual in his gold grill and white sneakers. Overall a very successful end to a solid weekend.

So recap, wow why is this is starting to look like a Vice article, if you like hipsters and food trucks and live music go to the Capitol Hill Block Party. Unless you are a sad person why shakes their head at "the youth of today" you will probably have a jolly time.