Film as Fashion: "Honey"

It's not often that I'm literally about to laugh out loud at the sheer cheesiness of a films finale dance sequence, but that did occur about an hour ago. I watched the infamous Jessica Alba film "Honey" today and even though the amount of bad acting and gangsters in the hood was sky high, I definitely was entertained. And the clothes. Oh my god. There's nothing as equally disturbing and wonderful as early 21st century street wear. I'm talking sleeveless jerseys, du-rags, giant chains, cargo pants; the whole shebang. Kind of perfect actually. I mean retro street wear is having a large comeback right now and people are wearing Timberland boots just as  they were in the film. So grab your sneakers, "boyfriend" pants, and crop top and head out! You're going to look cool, I promise.
Now watch the trailer:

 And here's some outfit inspo:
I'm not saying wear everything in this look. I think this kind of athletic top could work great with some slouchy boyfriend jeans (rolled cuffs) and strappy heels. Sporty but still sexy.

You can't really tell from this low quality picture but Joy Bryant looks gorgeous in this club scene. Her Jamaican inspired crocheted two piece is very revealing but also cool in that hippy kind of way. Maybe try this trend with a textured bikini (for the beach, not the night club) or crop top with high waisted shorts..

Am I really telling you to look at a tiny little afro haired kid as style inspiration? Yes. Big hair, some jewelry and a chain will make you look "of the moment" yet classic. Just please do not start wearing those horrid slouchy jeans.

Evidence that these things are actually trendy right now (aka Tumblr stalking)
(Source: forlovers)

Watch the movie and you will find the exact boots on the left on the dancers.. (source:yourface0ffendsme)
(source: creatingabeautifulme)