Wednesday blues

Maybe its the sun we had a glimpse of this week.
Or the unplanned lake walk I went on this afternoon.
Regardless of the reason, I'm nostalgic for summer.

Ready for those days when I don't have to worry about layering, or if something is school appropriate. Those days when I can just throw on what I feel like and head into the unknown without 24/7 mental overload.

Along with this dream for the warmer months of the year comes a yearning for simplicity. Lately I've been lusting over Tumblr photographs of cool girls clad in jeans, t-shirts and other classic Americana staples. Paired with bare skin and messy locks, this look lets the subject of the picture show, not just the clothes. Sure its certainly fun to accessorize and to wear bold patterns (the very reason fashion magazines exist), but there is something truly comforting and rejuvenating about a clean slate.

For this very reason I'm hoping to acquire a pair of sky blue denim overalls in the near future. Perfect to adventure the city in. Don't know where I'll be, or what exactly I'll be doing, but I do know I won't be worrying.

Sometimes less truly is more.