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So, I feel a bit awkward about this since I just saw my friends post ( about this now (only about 11 days late :/), but anyways, she challenged me to answer some questions! And so of course I shall comply! Here are the "rules":

- Tell 11 random things about yourself
- Answer to the 11 things the person who tagged you made questions about
- Make 11 questions for the people you are going to tag
- Choose blogger(s) under 200 readers and tag/challenge them
- You cannot tag the person who challenged you! :-)

Turns out I can't really decide on what blogger to pick, so if you are reading this please respond to my questions at the end!

11 random tidbits about me you might find interesting:

1. I absolutely love miniature pigs, I really want one as a pet because my family is allergic to dogs, but my mom isn't  exactly fond of them...maybe when I move out I shall acquire one. Here's a picture of when we "tested" one out for a adorable!

2. My favorite actor is Ryan Gosling..not only is he very attractive :) he is actually an amazing actor and can portray anyone from a self absorbed hunk ("Crazy Stupid Love") to a drug addicted teacher ("Half Nelson"). Ok, fine, I might have an obsession with him. Feel free to gift me "Feminist Ryan Gosling" the book for Christmas. I know they have it available at Urban Outfitters ;)

3. My favorite dessert/sweet treat is definitely ice-cream. One year when I went to Finland in the summer I had at least one ice cream cone a day. Surprisingly I did not become over weight :p I also had some amazing coffee gelato in Amsterdam one time, still dreaming about it. Below you will find  a recent creation of mine. 

4.  I'm currently listening to Frank Ocean and I actually think he is really good! I love that he has created pretty much his own genre, his voice is very R&B but his lyrics and songs are very hip-hop and rap like. Sadly I only have 4 songs of his on my i-pod so far and so I have had them stuck in my head for the last few days...
Listen to:
5. I hate how so many teenagers in American suburbia think that public transportation is dangerous and only for those people that cant afford a car. Maybe its just where I live, but it really bothers me!

6. I actually really want to take modeling seriously and try it out in a bigger market. I might take a year off after high-school and move to a big city, such as New York, Paris or Madrid. Its very unlikely that I'll ever get big jobs or be in say Vogue or something, but as Drake said it #yolo.

7. I love light pink hair and some day I'm going to dye my hair that color. I just think it's so whimsical and fun to have an unnatural shade on your head. Plus I don't think light pink looks tacky at all!

8. I don't like living in the suburbs, I would much rather live in the city where you can actually see people waling around and not just the random car driving past. When I move out I'm definitely going to find an apartment in a downtown setting...

9. I'm currently addicted to snacking on raw cashews from Trader Joe's.

10. Having long, almost pointy ghetto fab nails is a dream of mine. Who cares if I cant type on my computer or do household tasks! They look amazing...

11. I had a dream once that my mom was dating Bruno Mars, and he was rude. Talk about a nightmare...especially since I love the man and his current afro. ;)

Answers to Emma's Questions:
1. What is your favorite movie?
- I couldn't possibly pick one movie but based on the number of times I have watched a movie I would have to say "Drive" is definitely high on my list. And it stars my favorite leading man ;)

2. About which song are you 100% sure its telling about your life?
- Hmmm..tough question. Obviously I would have to say "Super Rich Kids"..just kidding. I honestly can't decide, I don't think any one song 100% matches my life it's more like parts of multiple songs.

3. What is your favorite quote?
- I really like "Grow up but don't give up" by Katy Perry because it means you can still do what you want and be who you want even when you are grown up, you don't have to put your dreams aside. Wow, I just felt incredibly cheesy..

4. What piece of clothing would you never ever wear?
- Crocs. This doesnt even warrant an explanation.

5. What is your favorite comment you've got on this blog?
-Oh come on now. I can't choose a favorite comment, that's like picking a favorite person. All the comments are lovely..readers I would love to hear more feedback from you!

6.  Have you ever had a celebrity crush? Why was it?
- Oh yes. Actually multiple. Crushes of the past include Taylor Lautner (for his rainy ab scenes). And current obsessions include Ryan Gosling (he's so adorable) and Bruno Mars (the mans got swag). Plus I obviously have a "girl crush" on Lana del Rey, she's gorgeous and talented!

7. What ind of work do you want to do when you grow up?
- I would love to work in the fashion industry, whether its as a stylist or a magazine editor. I would also love to do some modeling, but that's a short lived career.

8. Tell 3 of your dreams/life goals.
- Marry Ryan Gosling, live in Paris, eat large amounts of desserts without getting fat.

9. What is your favorite language?
- I really like dutch because even though its not the most beautiful language it brings great memories to mind and Holland is one of my favorite places!

10. If you could learn something without practising it, what would you learn?
- I would learn how to take great photographs, because I love photography and it would be wonderful to able to take quality ones.

 11. What did you do today?
- Woke up, ate breakfast and read the Seattle Times, did some annoying math homework, perused the internet and ate some more, including delicious pineapple.

I challenge my followers (If you're reading this please answer these questions..I'm doing a virtual sad puppy face)...

1. How would you describe your sense of style?
2. Who is your favorite photographer?
3. If you had only one year left to live, where would you go?
4. Who is your favorite artist/band?
5. If you had to live with one celebrity for a month who would you pick?
6. Who is your favorite model?
7. If you had to wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it include?
8. Who is hotter, Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds?
9. What decade would you choose to live in if you could decide?
10. If you could switch bodies Freaky Friday style would you do it and who would you want to switch with?
11. What the weirdest dream you have had, that you are willing to share on the internet?