"Remember to smize and booty tooch!"

So, I received an e-mail this evening saying that next Tuesday theres going to be a go-see for Ford Models at my agency here in Seattle. Of course I then got very excited because Ford is one of the top agencies in the world with faces like Bambi Northwood Blythe (got to love her brows!) but I know I shouldn't get too excited because theres a 99% chance they wont be interested in me, (that's the modeling world). But anyways, next week I shall be heading to that and so please cross your fingers for me ;)

* The title is the advice my friend the texted me along with "Brush your hair" :) Very helpful indeed..

In case you didn't see my modeling portfolio post a while back here's a few pictures of me:

Some beauties at Ford Models, obviously gorgeous:
Bambi Northwood Blyth ( I actually saw her at my first modeling job a few months ago!)

I mean he's adorable. Ugh Fransisco Lachowski doesn't look too shabby ;)