Strategic Marketing

Lana del Rey looking ravishing in a vintage inspired one piece

As Valentines Day rolls around, there's sure to be an influx of Victoria's Secret commercials featuring gorgeous models slowly slinking down rose petal filled rooms with neon pink, bedazzled push up bras and shimmery tans. Now, there's nothing wrong with these kinds of commercials, obviously as we have come to know, sex sells. But is this what people really find sexy or hot? Personally, though I envy the perfect bodies of these models,  I find some of these looks to be quite fake (though not all, there were some really pretty lace numbers at this years VS Show). I think fashion (and in this case lingerie and sleepwear) needs to go back to simpler times, less crazy cleavage and more silky morning robes and lacy straps. People didn't find Brigitte Bardot or Sophia Loren attractive because they trotted around in padded plunge bras and thongs, they were sexy because it was about them, they were naturally beautiful. Now I'm not about to start some feminist battle on boycotting VS (because I do like most of their "products"), I'm just saying that kind of style has had its fair share of fame and now its time to think about the looks we want for 2013. Just as skirt lenghts change every season, its time to change what we wear under those layers. Below you will find some visual inspiration for your next shopping trip, even if you end up just wearing the pieces lounging around listening to music on a lazy Sunday:

"Evening wear"

 Pretty flower print + subdued ruffles from Aerie

Dolce & Gabanna's black lace + retro florals= perfect

Love these Stella McCartney pieces cerca 2009....casual but still pretty, and they grey isn't something you usually see in undergarments.