Vivian in Bloom.


Girls rule the world.

Even though a large quantity of our popular idols are girls and women, and gender equality is closer to becoming reality, there is still something amiss. Society portrays women as catty and competitive (for the most part), instead of as team players. Society also portrays women as vulnerable, needing outside validation to find personal confidence . This needs to change, and luckily there are more and more amazingly creative women breaking stereotypes, and pushing each other ahead, instead of behind. One of these talents is Vivian Laurence.

Who are you?

Wow what a question. Well hi, here I go! My name is Vivian. I like to call myself an artist, in the fullest sense of the word. Or a creator. I feel the most freedom in those job titles. I observe a lot and I feel a lot and I create a lot, and my art is the result.

First of all I want to say I love how empowering to women you are, not as many artists as I think we would all like do it to a really relevant level. How do you stay strong in a society where strong females are still somewhat looked upon as strange?

Thank you so much. That’s an incredible compliment. I have such deep-rooted identity in myself as a woman, and what that means to me. I think that’s something all women can relate to. I’m very honest in sharing my personal experiences and emotional lessons because I’m embracing my growing process to the fullest extent, and I find empowerment in that. It’s not my problem if someone finds my confidence strange, I can be confident and love myself regardless.

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In addition to being confident, it’s sadly frowned upon in this day and age to truly express your feelings. Do you think we’ll be able to get rid of the stigma of being emotional as a bad thing and more of a human capability we should be proud of?

Yes, absolutely. Making that change is only a matter of choosing positive beliefs for yourself. From my perspective, any negative stigma about emotions is already erased. I think that emotional honesty is important as HECK. Being proud of our emotions allows us to grow together, instead of in isolation. We can support each other. Only positive things come from emotional honesty once we learn how to communicate compassionately. Feel your feelings, fam.

I also think a lot of girls have this notion that you can only be pretty, or you can only be smart. Pretty much that you can only be one thing. But really its important to show you can be anything, and everything. What would you tell someone who’s trying to break this idea in their head?

 I’m really grateful that I was raised to believe in my intelligence. All little girls deserve that. Human beings are limitless and our brains have more power than we’ve even figured out how to harness yet. We’re moving forward, and women are stepping into their beauty and their brains. Let go of outdated societal ideals and learn your own power.

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But now on the topic of music, you mentioned a little while ago that you consider yourself an artist instead of a musician. What separates the two to you?

I am absolutely a musician, but I’m not only a musician. I sing, I play guitar, I write songs and poems. Sometimes I paint, or design clothing, or take pictures and create graphic art. So that’s why I’m an artist, because I want to give myself the freedom to try everything and keep learning.

Its also great how even in this giant metropolis of LA there are groups of people who support each other artistically instead of competing negatively (for example with 1234). Who are some of your favorite artists who you feel inspired by?

Since I moved to Los Angeles, I’ve met the most fearless people. All of my friends here are artists and they inspire me so much. We take care of each other, and support each other. 1234 Creations is the fam. Daniel D’artiste is my brother. Then there’s Marian Mereba, the soul folk goddess herself. I listen to a lot of D’Angelo, Rhye, Daughter, Norah Jones. Also Kevin Parker is #god.

How would you describe your own style of music?

My music is very raw, very honest, straight from my heart. I come from folk roots and I write everything on my acoustic guitar. My vocal melodies play a big part too. Singing makes my heart so happy. I’m also influenced by world music and I’m obsessed with drums. It all melts together in this whimsical experimental-indie mess of my feelings sonically personified. It’s therapy for me.

Listen to her EP Flowers here


What are you hoping to accomplish in 2016? Maybe not so much even a physical task but even mentally or spiritually?

My motto for 2016 is “It’s not that serious” so mentally and spiritually, I’m going to chill the fuck out and trust the flow. I’m going to keep working really hard and having as much fun as I can with my process. This is what I love to do, and my only hope is to continue doing what I love with people around the world.  Much love. 

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